Campus Felinarium

International courses for cat breeders and cat lovers

The courses are independent from each other and available in different languages. This means you can choose the course which you are interested in and the language in question. You can choose the order, in case you want to take more than one course.          


For cat lovers and cat breeders

All about genetics

For cat breeders and other interested too

UMI - English

UMI - Deutsch

UMI - Svenska

UMI - Česky

UMI - Italiano

will come soon in:
Chinese/Mandarin  中文 / 普通话

UMA – English  

UMA - Deutsch

TP, stay tuned, will come soon

here a short sneak peek


- How to be a breeder, breeding practicies and monetary issues
- Cat inside and diseases
- Cattery, demands, problems and solutions
- Cat nutrition in normal and special cases
- All about reproduction
- All about kittens
- Study cases

EN: For all who are curious: The courses are named after star constellations, Ursa minor and Ursa major are well known around the world, as well as The Pleiades, also a star constellation, all have seven stars/main stars and therefore have our courses seven weeks with learning material. The logo presents this with a slender cat and a cobby cat looking together at the stars in night sky.

DE: Für alle, die neugierig sind: Die Kurse sind nach Sternenkonstellationen benannt, Ursa minor und Ursa major sind auf der ganzen Welt bekannt, sowie die Plejaden, ebenfalls eine Sternenkonstellation, haben alle sieben Sterne / Hauptsterne und daher haben unsere Kurse sieben Wochen mit Lernmaterial. Das Logo präsentiert eine schlanke Katze und eine cobby Katze, die zusammen in den Sternenhimmel schauen.